What’s the Difference between a Distributor and a Reseller?

An Authorized Distributor is a Siser approved business partner who markets and sells Siser HTV in a way that’s consistent with Siser’s customer service values and brand marketing. They also support the materials they stock. An Authorized Reseller is a business that purchases Siser materials through an Authorized Distributor. Resellers allow materials to be purchased [...]

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Can I Buy Directly From Siser?

While we wish we could be everywhere at once (hello, superpower!) we’re actually a close knit team in Michigan that works hard to support our authorized distributors, so they can provide you with the best HTV on the market. Purchasing can only be done through an authorized distributor. Therefore, we do not offer wholesale accounts.

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Where Can I Buy Siser HTV?

Siser HTV can be purchased through a variety of authorized distributors who cover North and South America. Additionally, distributors may recommend you to an authorized reseller who can provide Siser HTV closer to your area. To find a distributor near you, email us at info@siserna.com.

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