Find Your Niche

Choose where your area of expertise lies HTV businesses have more success when they focus on one or two specific areas of sales. Whether you’re simply personalizing an item or creating your own unique design, there are many places to utilize HTV’s customizing abilities. Here’s a few ideas to get you started: - School activities [...]

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Pick Your Product

Decide what kind of items you will offer to sell When choosing blank items to heat apply, consider the fabric content. Not all fabrics can withstand high heat and some fabrics need special HTV’s. Additionally, make sure there is an area large enough and flat enough for heat application on the item. This will help [...]

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Create Artwork:

Make a winning design While the quality of your materials are very important for your business, creating items with designs that people from your niche love and will actually wear is crucial. If you’re creative and at least slightly tech savvy you can create original designs. Large format and desktop cutters come with different design [...]

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Purchase Equipment:

Choose the right tools for the job Siser HTV can be applied with a home iron, however if you’re planning on starting a business we highly recommend investing in a heat press. It’s going to save you a ton of time. Plus it’s easier to dial in your time, temperature, and pressure for the best [...]

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Time to Get to Work So you’ve come up with an awesome design and purchased all your equipment. This is where the actual production process starts and you can begin to make your product. But wait, is this a one man show? Consider who will help you create the awesome products you’ve dreamt up. Who’s [...]

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Adding it all up Running a business requires you to keep track of all the numbers associated with it. If accounting isn’t your strong suit, then lucky for you, accountants are hirable. When your business is up and running you can track sales, but first you’ll need to calculate your start up costs. Add your [...]

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